RG&DH celebrated the

RG&DH Assistants’ Occupation Training About Protecting Self And Others

The third round of “People Development Program” was presented on 9 September 2021. Due to the current Pandemic situation, the participation was reduced to 50%. Hence following the SOPs, 25 Dental, Medical, Nursing and other assistants benefited from the training workshop.
  • The theme was “Protecting ourselves is important so that we can continue to help & protect others”. As it is a priority for health care providers around the world.
  • It is extremely important for ALL (including families) to be vaccinated.

CPC | Diabetic Retinopathy

The discussion started with case presentation of a patient with markedly decreased vision diagnosed as a case of diabetic retinopathy ,followed by discussing incidence, prevention and treatment.
Department of medicine, gynecology and pathology also participated in this discussion. Main emphasis was timely referral to ophthalmologist and treatment of other risk factors like hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, nephropathy and in pregnancy, that cause rapid progression and worsening of this eye disease.
CPC | Bones pain leadin to rare diagnosis Speaker: Dr. Aleena Shahid & Dr Syed Sajiddain Fakhree Department: Medicine Time: 12:30 PM Venue: Auditorium, RG&DH

Bones pain leading to rare diagnosis

This was a case study of a patient with multiple myeloma who presented with atypical symptoms. Various departments were involved in the discussion, including Radiology, Surgery, Gynaecology/Obstetrics, Opththamology and Psychiatry, along with Professors of Medicine, Prof Dr Nadia Shams and Prof Dr Shah Sattar. It was a very engaging and interactive discussion, which proved innovative and fruitful.
CPC | Bones pain leadin to rare diagnosis Speaker: Dr. Aleena Shahid & Dr Syed Sajiddain Fakhree Department: Medicine Time: 12:30 PM Venue: Auditorium, RG&DH

Effective Communications and Work Ethics’ Occupational Training

  • The second round of Rawal’s ongoing “People Development Program” delivered training on 5 August 2021. It targeted 50 staffs, which included young doctors, nursing faculty and front line executives.
  • Rawal believes that every employee contributes towards the advancement of the organization and community. It is important that we invest in our people to improve their skills and credentials.
  • The training session concentrated on providing and improving Effective Communication, Dealing with Patients, Attendants and other Customers.
  • Those who attended the previous workshop, were given certificates of participation on this day.

Antenatal Care - A Public Health Perspective

The activity took place to resurrect the CPC, an essential educational event that had been annulled for more than an year due to Covid times.
Professor Ambreen made a presentation regarding care of women during pregnancy and childbirth. It was emphasised that pregnancy care is inadvertently linked to general health continuum of the mother and indirectly the baby. The talk focussed on relevant international, regional and local statistics. Importance of integration of women health during pregnancy to Literacy, girl education, Preventive health and Family planning services.
Speaker concluded the talk with the take home message of four essential features of Safe motherhood and Antenatal care including:
  1. Regular Antenatal checkups, safe delivery ,breastfeeding and family spacing for 2 years.
  2. To spread this message is role of every doctor as public health torchbearer, the speaker emphasised.

Clinical Audit Workshop

One day Clinical Audit hands on Workshop was held at RG&DH Auditorium facilitated by Professor Ambreen Anwer for Gynaecologists of Rawalpindi and Islamabad . Medical students of Rawal College of Medicine (RCoM) also attended. The stepwise structured approach for carrying out the procedure. After instructions participants were asked to prepare practical projects and make presentations. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and participants were fully motivated. Event concluded with distribution of certificates.

Front Desk Officers’ Professional Training

“Front Desk Officers’ Professional Training” took place on 10 July, 2021.” This included; Front Desk Executives, Receptionists, Telephone Operators, Paramedics, Librarians and other Front-line staff.
The objective was to develop communication skills and business ethics of our people.
Generally the participants were excited and satisfied with what emerged at the training was extremely beneficial and viable. They were keen to have this kind of learning opportunities more frequently and on different themes.

LIVE Session on Sehat Sahulat Program at RG&DH

Rawal General and Dental Hospital is "empaneled hospitals" for Sehat Sahulat Program.
Rawal General and Dental Hospital (RG&DH) providing treatment facility to "Sehat Insaf Card" holders. We believe in serving all segments of society without any discrimination.
Sehat Sahulat Program offers financial protection to the poor families against extra-ordinary health care expenditure for in-door treatment at Rawal General and Dental Hospital to reduce financial burden on them.