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Free Medical & Physical Therapy: You can get the free checkups and treatment facilities.  Date4 & 5th December, 2023  Time08:00 AM  VenueRawal General & Dental Hospital (RGDH), Lehtrar Road, Khanna Dak, Islamabad. 


Rawal General and Dental Hospital is located on Main Lehtrar Road, Khanapul Islamabad. We are a leading hospital ranked among the best private hospitals in Pakistan. The RG & DH have an excellent record of performance and patient care. We offer a full range of Medical and Dental Care Services, as well as various community-based programs.
Our goal is to attain the highest quality of care that is easily accessible for our societies at the lowest cost. We are committed to provide an outstanding experience for all those who come to our institutions. In order to deliver the most exceptional and compassionate health services, we adopt new and innovative approaches. Our highly experienced and professional staff bring a difference in the lives of our patients. We are pacesetters in our field, inspired by our core values.

Establishment of Institution

Rawal General and Dental Hospital (RG&DH) was established in 2011. Rawal Institute of Health Sciences (RIHS) is a Private Limited company registered under Section 32 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 bearing Corporate Universal Identification No. 0075266. The RIHS is set up on a plot of land owned by the Board of Directors.

About Us


The RG&DH was established in 2011, under the inspiring leadership of its Chairman Mr. Khaqan Waheed Khawaja; who belongs to a family of Medical Professionals. His father Dr. Waheed ud Din Khawaja was one of the top class health practitioners of the sub-continent.
With the vision to create a state of the art, all under one roof health care facility, we started working on the project in 2010, in consultation with the highly experienced medical specialists. Initially we started practicing in the three stories building of RG & DH Lehtrar Road Khana Islamabad. The services available back then included; Emergency, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Orthopedics, ENT, Eye and General Surgery, with 200 beds.
In 2013, RG&DH expanded their services and inaugurated some more departments such as Cardiac surgery, Pediatric surgery, Orthopedic surgery, Neurosurgery and Urology. The number of beds also increased up to 500. In 2015, we opened Dialysis and Endoscopy units, and Coronary Care Unit (CCU), consisting of 10 beds. These specialized units have been providing health facilities to the patients of Nephrology and Gastroenterology, respectively. Despite being functioning in the private sector, the hospital offers affordable and nominal charges for Medical care services in the Capital territory.
The Rawal Team comprising of its management, consultants, medical and paramedical staff, are constantly striving to make it even better and better place for the community, every passing moment. Now after a decade’s dedicated and committed hard work and with the help of All Mighty Allah (SwT), we proudly stand out among our competitors as an icon of excellent Medical Care Providers of Pakistan.


Dr. Javed Hayat | MS Medicine | Rawal General Hospital

Dr. Javed Hayat

MS Medicine

Rawal General Hospital

Dr. Saqib Sarfraz Khan | MS Dentistry | Rawal Dental Hospital

Dr. Saqib Sarfraz Khan

MS Dentistry

Rawal Dental Hospital


More than 1000 OPD patients and around 300 IPD patients are being at RG&DH treated on daily basis and about 750 major surgeries are monthly treated in Operation Theaters at Rawal General and Dental Hospital (RG&DH).


RG&DH owns highly advance instruments and equipment. It is pertinent to mention here that it has MRI, CT SCAN, Ultrasound, Laparoscopy Machine, Endoscopy Dialysis and Angiography.

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Main Lehtrar Road, Khanapul، near Ali Trust College، Khanna Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan. +9251-2617381-2